Little… Say NO to Drugs! or… Should you?

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32 Days Post Surgery…

Hey all! We took a week or two hiatus to get back into the swing of things, October is pretty crazy in Denton, Texas. ALL THE FESTIVALS. So let’s do a quick recap of Little’s recovery.

Strength training…

Little is gaining strength EVERY DAY. Running from window to window in our bedroom, watching the birds she used to hunt. Her jumps onto the couch and her little table are so much better! She has been very interested in “playing” with Benny who is still a little unsure of what happened to her. By the way — she NEVER wanted to play with him before.

personality upgrade…

For a cat who NEVER claimed to be a lap cat, she sure is warming up to the idea of being snuggly. She spent 30 minutes laying on my lap while we talked and I scratched her ears. I was on the verge of tears. And not only does she think my lap might be cool, she BEGS for attention. Little was never one to beg for anything but food. Don’t get me wrong, we gave her attention but only because WE wanted to pet her.

Now let’s discuss the drugs…

Little spends a lot of time in my office/closet with me in front of her window. She’s had an end table on this side of the house for five years so we placed a rubbermaid tub in front of the table as steps so she can get up and down while recovering.

I started to notice when she would step down onto the tub off of the table, her hip would rotate out and spasm. She would repeatedly try to get her balance but it would start what could only be explained as an “I Love Lucy” style comedy bit. She would wobble around and around until finally giving up and flailing herself down on the ground. Think Lucille Ball trying out for any of Ricky’s dance numbers.

After reading multiple posts on the tripawds site about spasms, massage and Gabapentin, I called the doc. We’ve had her on it for a few days but not being SUPER consistent. An all natural/hippie at heart, I would rather try something without meds first in hopes that she doesn’t have to spend most of her days sleeping and drowsy. The good news is, it HELPED big time. I’ve only seen her have one I Love Lucy episode since the meds started! But I also think the additional massaging and rubs have made a difference. So we’re being half-way natural hippie around here.

A huge thank you…

I want to close this post by saying thank you. Little received the grant from the Tripawds Foundation a few weeks ago and the gratitude we have for this amazing community is enormous. My family is so thankful that we found all of you and that we were able to apply. It has made Little’s journey so much easier and a lot less stressful for us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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4 thoughts on “Little… Say NO to Drugs! or… Should you?”

  1. Aww nothin’ like a Texas hippie! Heh heh. I hear Denton is a cool town, so you must be extra cool peeps 😉

    So glad the medication and massage helped. Yeah, I hear you about not wanting to put more chemicals into our pets’ bodies. But if she’s feeling good, that’s all that matters right? Gabapentin is pretty easy on the system, and even if she’s on it long term that’s OK, many Tripawds are.

    My guess is she’s become a more loving cat because she is out of pain. Look out world, here comes Little!

    1. Denton IS pretty cool. We work hard to keep a supportive community full of art and music.. and hippies of course!
      We’re glad it’s helping, she seems to do well on a very low dose every day and the big scoop of wet food seems to be the highlight of her day! Anything I can do to make her feel better at this point makes me happy, drugs or not.

      I think you guessed right Jerry! For real — everybody watch out for this girl, she’s gonna get your attention and the extra scratches even if that face says “BEWARE, GREMLIN”.

      Thanks for your continued support!

  2. I am so happy for you guys! That is just huge, and you have done a phenomenal job with her. It is amazing how they react when the pain is gone and and the real purrsonality shines through. Way to go on looking out for her and making sure her pain is managed.
    Thank you so much for that wonderful update and gorgeous photo… she is one lucky kitty 🙂
    Jackie and Huck

    1. Thank you! She’s definitely a lucky cat. When I rescued her, she was living in a foster home with 5 cats and 5 dogs. Although the woman who was fostering her meant well, it wasn’t the best situation.. I won’t talk badly of her but Little was READY to get out of there. She ran straight to me, put one paw on my leg and her face said “Dude, I’ll give you $10 if you get me the heck out of this place!”. She’s a keeper

      I’m proud of her and glad we can do EVERYTHING possible to make her comfortable.

      Hugs to you and Huck!

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