Little and the Two Bears…

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The struggle is real y’all…

If you read my latest blog about Little and her small infection, you know we’re struggling to keep her wound untouched and healthy so she can eventually heal and have her stitches removed. She is a natural escape artist, super flexible and what humans would consider “skiddish”. One of her nicknames is “Little Skiddle” for a reason. Attempting to keep her from her wound is like … well, it’s like keeping a squirrel out of your birdfeeder. She’ll do anything to get to that wound.

My onesie is too big…

I purchased a brand new onesie at the thrift store for .99 — I’m a natural at the thrift store, my whole family has been shopping at this particular one for about 17 years. It was sized for an 18 month old baby and my first impression was “this looks long enough for her”. I watched a YouTube video on how to fashion a onesie for a cat and thought stitching up the left armhole would do the trick. She escaped it in 5 minutes. WITH THE CONE ON, she kicked her one back leg and unsnapped it.

My onesie is too small…

Same thing as above — this one was $2 and had dogs on it which I thought was perfect, and it was sized for 6 months. I pretty much strangled her with it because it was so small.


We’re not attempting another onesie so for now she can still reach her wound. We’ve sent a photo to the doc and they actually think it looks “healthy” so we think the antibiotics are doing their job. The goal is Friday for stitches removal but I’m not getting my hopes up. I’m staying patient, I’m gently applying warm rags to help her feel cleaner and of course attempting a positive attitude.

Can your tripawd benefit from a onesie?

Check out the link above and consider stitching up one of the arm holes for a rear amputation. Good luck to all!


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4 thoughts on “Little and the Two Bears…”

  1. Your Little Houdini is very determined and talented. I sure hope he heals so the stitches can come out and make life a little easier.
    Here is another option for covering the wound:
    I don’t know if it has worked for any of our tripawds because missing one leg makes fitting any outfit on a cat or dog difficult. It’s not natural for our pets to wear clothes so their resistance is understandable.
    Good luck!
    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

    1. That looks great Kerren, I might have to try that! And yep, she’s a sneaky little one. Thanks for the help, it is greatly appreciated.
      Aubrey and Little

  2. Well you guys did your best, that’s what counts! Sorry it was such a struggle for Miss Skiddle.

    And as long as you’re in contact with the vet about the incision, sounds like a total recovery and healing is a given. Good job!

    1. Jerry!!

      You are like the most positive person ever. I appreciate your continuing support, so much! We’re getting there.. currently trying the new inflatable donut cone so keep your fingers crossed.

      Thanks again,

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