In the Words of Ice Cube.. “It Was a Good Day”…

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Exactly 2 weeks post surgery…

If you haven’t read my last few posts about Little’s disdain for Saturday Night Live and her inability to find a onesie that fits, let’s do a quick recap. She had a small abscess at the tip of her surgery wound. Luckily not life threatening, she was forced to stay in the cone for another week while we waited for it to heal all while on a huge dose of antibiotics. We even upgraded to this crazy $30 life preserver thing and she could still reach her wound, she’s thrilled you can tell.

We sent photos to her surgeon every day this week and explained we were VERY concerned about how bad it looked. Yesterday the office called us back and thought maybe she needed staples which sounded just awful so we cruised up to the office a little sad about what that meant for her.

To our surprise, the doctor and the surgeon both agreed that it’s a surface wound, more like a skinned knee and it is time for Little to heal. If she wants to lick her wound then we should let her, it won’t get any worse since she’s full of antibiotics. They removed her stitches and we were on our way, life preserver FREE!

It was a good day…

She spent the first 2 hours cleaning her belly and another 45 minutes washing her face, then enjoyed a long nap on the couch with a new blanket. We’ve got a lot of healing to do but we’re so happy to see her on her way to recovery… even if that Wilford Brimley chin of hers says otherwise.

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photo courtesy of New York Post


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4 thoughts on “In the Words of Ice Cube.. “It Was a Good Day”…”

  1. Love, love LOVE that news!! Yay for all of you 🙂 So glad the cone of shame is gone, her boo boo is healing, sutures are out… yes, that was a trifecta!!

    Keep healing Little! Sending you all hugs!
    Jackie and Huckleberry

  2. Bahaha omg now I see the chin resemblance! ;o Just kidding Little.

    That’s unconventional but obviously such helpful advice from your vet. WHEW! Glad that the wound is all-around healthy and all Little really wanted to do was be a proper kitty and clean off the icky vet clinic smell. She’s like “I was TRYING to tell you guys!”

    1. Oh Little is fully aware of how grumpy / old man her chin is and she is super proud of it, she takes no offense Jerry. LOL.. the first time I met her I said “Oh my gosh! She looks like Wilford Brimley, she’s coming home with me!”.
      Yeah, I thought it was strange too but they were convinced that the cone and flotation device were just making things worse. Because she could reach it no matter what we put on her, she was rubbing the e-collars all over the wound and it just made everything a gross mess. I don’t blame her for wanting to get clean, the poor thing!

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